Giving Back to Our Communities

As a business that takes charity as a responsibility, we are committed to giving back to our communities in every way we can. We are very grateful for all the men & women in the military for their sacrifice & service in defending our freedom. We are committed to donate a portion of our profits to the Wounded Warriors Project organization. We should all be indebted for what they have done for our country and its citizens.

All mattresses that are returned will be donated to a local charity such as the Salvation Army so they can provide those families with a good night & restful sleep.

In addition, for every mattress we sell we will donate $25 to a local shelter/soup kitchen to help feed those that need a meal. We simply cannot let families in our community go hungry.

Please join us in giving back to those in need.  Not only will you have a much better night sleep, but you will also be giving a family a reason to smile. Thank you for joining us in our commitment to helping our communities.

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