Soft or firmness is determined by the IFD (indentation Force Deflection).  By definition is the amount of load, in pounds, necessary to press a 50-square inch indenter foot into a foam sample to a percentage of the foam thickness.  Basically what this means is, this measurement gives a reading of the relationship between the foam’s ability to support weight and prevent bottoming out.  In other words the higher the IFD the firmer the foam is.  The lower the IFD is the softer the foam is.  This remains constant regardless of the foam density.

The key to a good foam in the density…the higher the density the better the foam.  The Hive Mattress Co. only used high resilience, high density foams in their mattress units.

We know that you will love your new Hive Mattress and you have 100 nights risk free trial to have an enjoyable rest.

We highly recommend you try our mattress for at least 30 days…this will allow your body to adjust to the comfort feel of your new Hive Mattress.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your new mattress please let us know.  You must follow the instructions as outlined in the Warranty policy in order to have the mattress returned. We will arrange the mattress to be picked up from your home and we will proceed the refund of the full purchase price.

We used prime quality Latex on our top layer which allows airflow and keep proper ventilation in order to help you stay cool.  In addition, we use cooling fabric properties on our mattress covers for an additional cooling feel and keep the mattress comfortable through the night.
The breaking period depends on each person’s height and weight.  But generally it takes 3-5 weeks for a full break-in period (based on 8 hours sleep per day).
  • Layer 1 – We start with a cooling fabric cover to help you stay cool through the night
  • Layer 2 – 2” of Prime Quality Latex with ventilation design properties for exceptional air flow
  • Layer 3 – 1″ layer of 4 lbs. density memory foam creating an extraordinary level of support
  • Layer 4 (main support layer) – Over 1,000 pocket coils of high carbon grade steel with Quantum Edge support system that adjust and contours to your body and reduced motion body transfer
  • Layer 5 – 1” of HR (High Resilience) & High Density foam for added stability

The Hive Mattress has been design to fit any type of bed platforms, regular foundations (slatted wood or steel) and adjustable bed bases…or simply on the floor.   However, when used over a standard foundation (slatted wood or steel) we highly recommend that you have the proper enter support on your bed frame.

The Hive Mattress works perfectly with an adjustable bed.  Unlike other foam core mattresses the Pocket Coil main support core is specially designed to work flawlessly both over standard foundations and adjustable bases.

We will have the mattress picked up at the customer’s home.  The customer will be notified when the mattress will be picked up.  The mattress will be donated to a charity we (Hive Mattress) has selected
Yes, major components of our mattress are recyclable products (steel).  In addition we use cotton yarn in our mattress cover

100 days with money back guarantee.

The mattress is delivered in a carton box via UPS and/or FedEx service.  This makes it easier for our customers to move the box into the bedroom and open the box right next to the foundation (location) where you are going to place your mattress.

The set up process is very easy.  After you have taken the mattress unit out of the box, place the rolled pack mattress on top of the foundation (if you have an adjustable bed base foundation please make sure the base is set completely flat (horizontal settings).  We recommend you have two persons performing this process in lifting and placing the mattress unit on top of the foundation.  We have provided a plastic cutter (please check inside the box) to cut & open the mattress wrapping.  Unrolled and unfold the mattress and make sure the mattress cover is facing up.   As you cut the plastic film you will experience the excitement of watching the mattress grow before your eyes.  Remove and discard the plastic film

We can provide a “white glove” service if you want to the mattress unit to be set up for you.  This is option service and has an additional cost.

Yes!  Our mattress are 11” high (tall) and most standard sheets will fit easily
The Hive Mattress Company does not use fire repellant and/or chemicals in the Fire/Flame retardant barrier in the manufacturing of our mattresses.  Our supplier provides us with an FR Barrier which is a line of inherent fire resistant barriers produced at various weights used as a protective layer for manufacturing bedding and other furniture related items.

The inherency is attributed to sodium silicate the active ingredient spun into the core of FR rayon during fiber formation.  The Hive Mattress Company performs regular testing to ensure our products meet the 16 CFR 1633 Flammability Regulations.

In addition, The Hive Mattress foams meet the CertIPUR-US® seal of approval.  CertiPUR-US ® certified foams are:

✓ Made without ozone depleters

✓ Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants

✓ Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals

✓ Made without formaldehyde

✓ Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission

✓ Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

✓ Foams that feel good and you can feel good about

Once the order is placed we will ship the Hive Adjustable Bed Base within 2 -3 weeks.  These units are ONLY made to order

Yes…the Hive Adjustable Bed Base comes in a UPS box which is easy to handle by the customer.  Very easy to setup, with a 700 lb. capacity, wireless remote control and Free-Fall Safety design feature.  Easy to follow instructions.
Yes…we can arrange a White Glove Service at an additional cost.  This service will take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  Please contact customer service at for additional information
The Hive Bed Frame is engineered and designed in the USA by the largest bedding component in the United States.  The Adjustable Bed Base is manufactured in the USA following the strictest manufacturing & Quality standards
Yes, the Hive Mattress fits over the Adjustable Bed base and you can use it instead of a box spring foundation, slatted frame or platform.  What is even better, you can also place the Hive Adjustable Base inside a slay bed with a head & foot boards.  You will require to purchase an optional Headboard bracket accessory kit.
The Hive Adjustable Bed Base is 10.5” High…it comes with 6 Steel Legs
Unfortunately we do not offer a return policy for the Hive Adjustable Bed Base.  Since these units are made to order, all sales are final and cannot be returned for a refund.
Not at all…in fact, it is very easy.  The unit unfolds and locks into place with no tools.
The Hive Mattress, LLC products are shipped from different locations across the country and we cannot guarantee the bed frame will arrive at the same time as the Hive Mattress and the Hive Foundation.  The Hive Bed Frame ships within 2 days after the order is placed and it takes an average of 3 -5 days to be delivered depending on the region of the country.
It’s made from a sturdy construction of a heavy duty 1 ½” angle steel side rails.  It comes with headboard brackets and rug rollers for variable bed heights. Key Slots with Posi-Lock® Crossarms and 9 deeply recessed locking legs.  Extremely versatile…one frame fits all bedding sizes


*Posi-Lock® is a register trademark of Leggett & Platt

Yes, we do have a warranty on our Hive Foundation.  The warranty comes with 1-year limited warranty against any workmanship or materials from the Warranty Commencement Purchase date


*Posi-Lock® is a register trademark of Leggett & Platt

You do not have to use a box spring foundation.  You can place the Hive Mattress on top on a slatted or solid platform.  Or you can simply put your Hive Mattress on the floor.


*Posi-Lock® is a register trademark of Leggett & Platt

The Hive Foundation is made with a Heavy Duty Tubular Steel.  The foundation comes folded in a compact box and easy to handle by the customer.  The foundation cover is a traditional Continental design & tailored at the corners.  The Hive Foundation is shipped via UPS to the customer’s home.  No tools are required to setup the Hive Foundation.  Just follow the simple instructions that comes with the foundation.


*Posi-Lock® is a register trademark of Leggett & Platt

The Hive Foundation was engineered and designed in the USA by the largest bedding component in the United States.  The foundation is manufactured overseas in one of their plants following all manufacturing & Quality standards set forth in the USA


*Posi-Lock® is a register trademark of Leggett & Platt

The Hive Foundation is 6 ½” tall which is a standard height and it is designed to fit the Hive Bed Frame and the Hive Mattress


*Posi-Lock® is a register trademark of Leggett & Platt

The Hive Mattress does not offer a trial period on the foundations.  All sales are final for these model Foundations.  However, we want to make this experience as good as possible to the customer and we will accept returns ONLY if the box/product has not been opened or removed from its original package.


*Posi-Lock® is a register trademark of Leggett & Platt

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