We designed & manufacture the most comfortable mattress using the best foam qualities as comfort layers and the best support system in the industry. This allows the Hive Mattress to produce one of the most comfortable mattresses in the industry…we know you will love The Hive Mattress!

Conceivable the most comfortable mattress that will provide you the best night sleep at and incredible competitive priced…best priced for a luxury mattress!

Hive Mattress Design

The first 3” to 4” of a mattress layers determines the comfort level the mattress will provide.  The foam serves as a bridge material layers that can tailor itself to have a definitively defined functions to supplement the main support system (Pocket Springs).

We have focused and selected the best quality foam layers that incorporate the right Transitional Temperature Transfer, Firmness, Foam Density, Proper Air Flow and most importantly, the best density that will provide you with the Adequate Support, Bounce and Resiliency.   The mattress is designed to reduce body pressure points providing you one of the most comfortable and restful sleep.  The next most important part of a mattress below the 3” to 4” comfort layers is to have a well-designed support system…this is our Pocket Coil Edge Support spring System that provides the major source of support, balance & stabilized your body with suitable air flow to help you stay cool while you are sleeping.

100 Nights Free Trial with “No Hassle” return guarantee

We are very confident that the Hive mattress will provide you a better sleep compared to your current mattress. If for any reason you are not satisfied we will gladly refund your money.

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