About Us

With over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of the mattress industry, the Hive Mattress team prides itself on professional knowledge of sleep.

At the Hive Mattress we believe having “integrity” is a key element in life. Integrity is essential for successful relationships with your family, friends and your customers. “It’s never wrong to do the right things”…is a motto we at the Hive Mattress live by. We are true believers in family values and putting your family first at all cost. Honesty, caring for others and giving back to your community is also essential to have a fulfilled life. HONESTY IS KEY TO SUCCESS!   Making things better inspire us.

Our team members have held key manufacturing & operation positions with the major mattress brands, including in the wire production and wire forming industry. This gives us additional knowledge on the best materials we need to use in our support system in our Hive Mattress which is essential in the life cycle and durability of any mattress design.

From the production floor, to plant management, to consulting, we know the ins and outs and we have been involved in the selection of every Quality material and process used in the manufacturing this mattress. We focused on using quality components and partnering with the best mattress component suppliers in the USA.

We have been asked what sparked the idea to start a bed in a box company. This was a simple answer of us…After assessing the amount of confusion consumers where put through in having to decide & selecting a mattress at a typical “brick & mortar” mattress store and many of the current bed in a box manufactures we decided to engineer and design a mattress with a perfect comfortable level that fits most consumers. Most importantly, we want to have complete transparency in informing our consumers what we are all about.

Our Mission is Simple…

Why do we only offer one Mattress?  It’s simple…we’ve selected every aspect of our component products to make sure this mattress lives up to our dreams… as well as yours!  We have left no stone unturned so you can enjoy a great night sleep

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